Constructing our Future (COF) welcomes back previously incarcerated women who have demonstrated a sincere desire to be independent, law abiding citizens upon their return by providing a safe, affordable place to live immediately upon release and a path to permanent, stable housing.

COF surrounds the newly released woman with other women who have taken a similar journey and it prepares them for livable wage jobs, independent living, and family reintegration through: mentorships; connections with necessary resources; assistance with financial, social, and job skills; and access to education, recovery and mental health services.

COF also advocates for public policies that support full reintegration of previously incarcerated women.


-Serves previously incarcerated women with demonstrated desire to restart their lives.

-Not limited by type of conviction or length of sentence

-Supports successful initial reentry and preparation for permanent housing and sustainable employment.

-Leverages key partnerships with other agencies for identified support services such as case management, mental health counseling, addiction treatment, financial training, construction on-the-job training, college education, etc.


COF Program Goals

  1. Returning women are welcomed into a safe, healthy, supportive, affordable place to live immediately upon their release.
  2. Returning women are connected to needed services such as mental and physical healthcare, and substance abuse services.
  3. Returning women are connected to appropriate skill-building, education, and employment services to prepare them to successfully re-enter the workforce.
  4. COF is a stable entity with appropriate governance, leadership, and financial stability to ensure long term viability.